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Does Stripe work with my Wittix account?

You can start receiving daily payouts from your Stripe account directly to your Wittix account by changing your Stripe payouts settings following the steps below. In order to link your Stripe to your Wittix account, please follow the following steps: * Log in to your Stripe account * Open "**Settings**" in your left menu * Click "**Bank accounts and scheduling**" * Press on the right top button "**+ Add bank account**" * Enter your Wittix IBAN account that you received. You can find your Wittix IBAN details by clicking on the right icon and choose "Reference Letter". Make sure that your default currency in Stripe set to EUR and when entering the IBAN details make sure the following details are accurate: * **Currency:** EUR - Euro * **Country of bank account:** Lithuania * **IBAN:** Your Wittix IBAN * **Confirm IBAN:** Enter your IBAN again After you have linked your Wittix account to Stripe, you can start receiving payouts on daily, weekly or monthly basis from Stripe directly to your Wittix account. All you have to do now is choose your "Payout schedule" on the same page and we're done! If you have any questions or you need any assistance regarding that matter don't hesitate to contact our support anytime.