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Getting Started

How can I add money to my new Wittix Account?
How long does it take money to reach my Wittix account?
Verifying your identity
Is there an age requirement for a Wittix Account?
What documents are needed to open a personal account?
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Why is my account application not eligible?
Does PayPal work with my Wittix account?
When does my billing period start?
What currency IBAN account does Wittix provide by default?
Does the Wittix for Business account earn interest?
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Why are my transfer still on pending status?
Why hasn’t my balance been updated following a bank transfer?
What does "Supporting Document" mean when doing new transfer?
Why has my recipient not received the funds?
How does fee credit work?
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Account Features

Where I can find my IBAN reference letter (IBAN Details)?
How can I add more account roles to my business account?
How can I restrict my account login by IP?
I have a business account, how can I open personal account?
How can I view my recent logins?
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My Profile

How can I change my login phone number?
How can I change my email?
What if I’m unable to verify my identity?
Are there any transfer limits?
Verifying your source of funds
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What types of business entities does Wittix support?
What does physical presence and proof of address mean?
What industries are not supported?
Documents needed to open a business account
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Technical Issues

My mobile number is correct but I'm not receiving an SMS with verification code
Browser issues and solutions
I changed my phone number and don’t have access to the old phone number
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Are my funds are safe?
How long do you store my data?
Partnership Enquiries
Media Enquiries
Careers at Wittix
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