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Technical Issues

I changed my phone number and don’t have access to the old phone number

If you have changed your phone number and you don't have access to your old phone number you will not be able to access the verification SMS code until you contact us from the email associated with your account and request to change your phone number. In your email to our support, please include the following things in order to change your phone number: * Indicate your old phone number and your new phone number including the country codes. * Explain in detail what you don't have access to the old one or why you would like to change. * Selfie with your Passport / ID Card (ID card accepted for EU / EEA residents only) - Please make sure not to cover any details in the document and that your face and the details in your document are clearly seen. By sending the mentioned above, we will be able to change your phone number in your profile. This usually only takes a few hours but can take 1-2 days and we will let you know if any other information is required in order to complete the process.