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About Wittix

**Wittix, Borderless Alternative Banking** Finally, an alternative bank that understands your needs. We are here to help you transfer funds to vendors, receive payments and manage your finances with the latest technology while leveraging the ever-growing global banking system. We at Wittix understand the need of companies and employees to receive funds in different currencies and sort them directly into your alternative bank account at unmatched conversion rates. We also understand that when, for example, your site appeals to the Singaporean market and you require to receive funds from the Singapore dollar credit card processor, you need a Singaporean dollar account where the funds can be received and converted at a competitive price into your Euro account. Similarly, if you sell in Europe to the Swedish Market and use Swedish Krona we are here to assist you in getting the local currency and converting it into Euro at the most lucrative rate. Beyond that, we understand that as part of managing a business, there are payments to various providers such as advertising companies, Google, Facebook etc. Unlike other companies that provide money transfer and currency exchange services, we are here to provide you with our 360 solutions for all your business and personal needs. One of our obvious advantages is that we believe in customer service excellence. It is an integral part of our DNA. We know how to adapt solutions to almost every business (we say almost as no one is perfect even though we really, really try). At Wittix, we strive to bring you the most advanced banking solutions keep you connected with the top-notch network of banks, and to constantly evolve our products to the benefit of our customers.