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Verifying your identity

In order to open an account with Wittix, the most important thing in the process is verifying your identity through our “Live Verification” process, which can be done in under three minutes. The process involves taking a clear photo of your Passport / Residence Permit (EU/EEA) / ID Card (EU/EEA), with all the necessary information visible, and verifying your identity immediately after by taking a photo of your face. Please note that the system does not accept driver's licenses for identification purposes. **Some tips in order to finish our live verification process successfully:** - Take a clear photo of the legal document where all the details are readable, not blurred. - Take the photos in a brightly lit area without shadows. - We recommend to use this process using your mobile and not laptop / computer camera as their quality tends to be lower. - Turn the flash off in your camera to avoid a reflection on your documents. - Make sure your Wittix account name is the same as your legal document name. - Your legal document is more than three months away from expiration. - A photo of a photograph or photocopy will not work. **Why is "Live Verification Process" needed?** Online verification is the use of the latest technologies in the process of checking the identity of a bank client. Such verification is faster than a more traditional visit to the bank branch and can be done virtually anywhere. The electronic identity verification process is fast and takes a few minutes and all is needed is Passport, or EU residents can choose to use their Residence Permit or ID Card.