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What industries are not supported?

You cannot open or hold a Wittix account if you carry out any sort of business or business activity that relates to the following: - Escort, Adult and Dating with sexual intention; - Pornography / Prostitution; - Weaponry, military and semi-military goods and services. - Weapons (including weapons of historic significance), military software, or any other goods or services intended for military use - Trading in precious metals, stones or art; - Running an auction house; - Cashback services; - Drugs, any substance mimicking illegal drugs and any product intended to be used to create drugs (seeds, etc...) - Chemicals and related products; - Selling or trading protected animals - Video-game arcades; - Selling second-hand cars; - Binary options or illegal gambling / trading; - Debt collection; - Tarot and fortune telling - Trading in prime-bank guarantees, debentures and letters of credit or medium-term notes. - Individuals, entities, or countries subjected to international sanctions. - Nonprofit organizations and charities from countries outside of European Economic Area and/or European Union. - Unregistered charities are not supported from any regions. - Multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, get rich quick schemes. - Trade of restricted and/or endangered animal species and products derived from them. - Shell Banks - Ponzi, Pension / illegal schemes - Unregulated Foreign Exchange businesses; - Unregulated lending businesses; - Unregulated Money Service Businesses (MSB); - Unregulated remittance businesses. - Unregulated casinos or Forex. In the case that you are not sure about your activity or if you have any questions regarding our ability to accept it, please contact our support before starting our online application.