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How can I add more account roles to my business account?

In order to add more members to your business account, such as partners, CFO or accountant and so on, you can do it by navigating to: ***Profile Tab -> Account Settings -> Account Roles***. In your Members Access, you will be able to create new access to your business account by clicking on the “**New Account Role**” button and by selecting one of the job titles in your company, or your can add another person that is not already included in the list. We made this option understanding that not all the members need equal access. Therefore, we created the option to choose what permissions you would like to set for every member in your account: - **Manage Account** – Member will be able to add, remove or change others member permissions. - **Read & Analyze** – Member can view data such as transactions and statistics. - **Create Payments** – Member will be able to create payments but will not be able to execute them if “Signatory” access not granted.